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Ashok Mehta, MD

Internal Medicine in Mount Juliet, TN

Ashok Mehta, MD

Ashok Mehta, MD, is a Board-certified Internal Medicine Physician at The DNA Diet Club. Dr. Mehta designed their program to help adults 20 years and up in and around Mount Juliet, Tennessee, find relief from chronic pain and symptoms of chronic disease.

With over 20 years of medical practice, Dr. Mehta has come across many sick patients carrying excess weight. These patients would get sicker and sicker, needing more medications. 

He began looking for ways to help patients with obesity, diabetes, hypertension, and high cholesterol (metabolic syndrome) lose weight, allowing them to achieve their goals and reduce medications.

Dr. Mehta did the 23andMe DNA test and learned a few things about himself, particularly his genetic predisposition to gain weight. Furthermore, he tested the metabolic portion of his DNA, which led him to change his diet (according to his DNA). To his surprise, he lost 18 pounds in two months.

He introduced his methods to patients, and they also started seeing surprising results. Results not only included weight loss but also better control of diabetes, normalization of their blood pressure, and improvement of their cholesterol.

Dr. Mehta learned the importance of the gut microbiome (gut bacteria) regarding inflammation and its effect on health and mood. This interaction between the gut, DNA, and food can result in good or bad health.

He created a revolutionary health program called The DNA Diet Club and partnered with a California-based company, Digbi Health, led by Ranjan Sinha, Scott Levy, and others.

The program involves testing a patient’s DNA and gut microbiome and developing customizable recipes for each patient, delivered to their fingertip in Digbi Health’s smartphone app. A health coach throughout the program also coaches patients.

The program provides patients with customized recipes, full access to a well-known health app to make it easy for you on the go, a free appointment with a Health Coach, weekly check-ins, and free educational videos. The DNA diet program is the latest technique to help with weight loss and starting healthy habits.

Dr. Mehta warmly welcomes all patients into The DNA Diet Club and looks forward to improving their health with custom diets unique to their DNA and gut microbiome.